IELTS Exam Tips Reading

Introduction to IELTS Reading – Different Question Types

The Reading paper is made up of three different texts, which progress in level of difficulty. There are a total of 40 questions. Candidates have one hour to complete the information, which includes the time needed to transfer answers to the answer sheet. There is no extra time for this. Each question is worth one mark.

The texts are authentic and academic but written for a non-specialist audience. Candidates must use information that appears in the text to answer the … Read more

IELTS IELTS Exam Tips Reading

Practice for IELTS reading, and tips to achieve band score 7 and above

The only way to make real progress for students who are stuck at band score 6-6.5 is deliberate practice. This means planned or purposeful study by identifying your weak areas and focusing on them in a structured way. In the IELTS world, the best way to do this is to break down a large task into smaller, more achievable targets or goals. This is actually quite easy to do in the reading test because we know the individual skills needed … Read more

IELTS Level 2 - Unit 6 Reading Writing

Environmental labelling

Essay ideas and reading practice: Environmental labelling

Here is an excellent article from the Guardian last month about the need to label products according to their environmental cost (water use, emissions, impact on environment, toxicity). As you know, the environment is a key topic in the IELTS exam and this article covers an area which most people do not consider – food production.

When we think of the key contributors towards environmental damage, we think of pollution in the form Read more

IELTS IELTS Exam Tips Reading

Keyword Tables in IELTS Reading

The reading test is 60 minutes long and there are 40 questions. While you don’t need any specialist knowledge to understand the text, learning a wide range of vocabulary is the key to a high band score.

There are “keywords” in the questions that are similar to the words you need to find in the text. To find the answer you will have to look for synonyms of the keywords as well as the actual keywords. For example, if the … Read more