IELTS Task 2 Vocabulary Writing

IELTS Essay Questions April-June

Below are 44 essay questions that recently appeared in IELTS writing task 2. Its is a very good idea to become familiar with recent exam questions and spend time learning more about the topic in order to improve your vocabulary, and develop your ideas and opinions.

The topics in Task 2 essay questions appear repeatedly, although the questions wording itself may change.

  1. Both the poor and the rich find accessibility into university difficult. Do you agree or disagree?
  2. Some young
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When should you take the IELTS exam? (And how to prepare)

Here is a line graph with data from the site which shows the results for academic test takers in Vietnam in 2017. The figures show that the majority of candidates last year (63%) failed to achieve their target band score. Most of my students tell me their target score is 6.5-7.0 – so only 37% achieved 6.5 or more. In addition, the mean (average) band score for academic test takers in Vietnam was 5.92

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