Online Resources and Apps

Terminology is an excellent new dictionary application for iOS devices. It is part-dictionary, part-thesaurus and part-research tool. It makes it easy to explore words and phrases and helps users to make connections between more or less specific terms. It is ideal for students to find definitions, synonyms, antonyms and deeper word relations – so perfect for developing vocabulary for IELTS.

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IELTS Tips is a useful free app to help with understanding how to find answers to common IELTS exam questions. British Council IELTS experts, experienced IELTS teachers and successful IELTS candidates share their most useful advice – every day for a month. Tips cover Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing and preparation.

IELTS Online Tests is a community of students, teachers and examiners, and is a useful website for online IELTS practice. You can sign up for free and do some extra practice online. Remember this does not really improve your English but helps you to prepare for the actual test. However, the review and explanation of the reading answers are excellent.

Mini IELTS is another nicely designed site for online practice (similar to IELTS online mentioned above). It is a community driven site, which means that the speaking questions are submitted by exam candidates from what they can remember from the test – and therefore they are not always grammatically correct. Similarly, all the model answers to reports and essay questions that I have seen are also submitted by IELTS candidates, not teachers, so there are some/many mistakes – although generally still around band score 7.

Despite that, the reading and listening materials are excellent.

Road to IELTS iOS app from the British Council

Road to IELTS comes in three different versions with a different amount of material in each. One of these versions is FREE and contains interactive activities for each of the four skills.


IELTS Prep is an excellent app from the British Council to help students prepare for the speaking and listening test. It offers the following:

  • A comprehensive overview of the IELTS Speaking and Listening tests
  • Listening and Speaking practice tests
  • Common grammar rules explained and exercises
  • Videos of IELTS Speaking interviews
  • Useful tips for the IELTS test
  • Assessment criteria explained
  • Quizzes to test your knowledge of the IELTS test format
  • More information on IELTS related topics

Links to download app: Apple store  and Google Play