Level 1 Resources

Audio files for listening 

Listening scripts

This is useful for students who want a second copy of the listening scripts in the back of the course book. You can read the scripts as you listen and still follow the questions in the book.

Unit 1 – Relationships

Topic based vocabulary for relationships

Unit 2 – Places and Buildings

Vocabulary for buildings and structures

Vocabulary for cities

Unit 3 – Education and Employment

Developing Ideas and Opinions: Education

Topic-based Vocabulary: Education

Unit 4 – Food and Drink

Band score 9 essay – Increasing Tax On Fast Foods

How the Digestive System Works

Unit 5 – Consumerism

Some help for the first essay: Common writing mistakes in the IELTS exam

Topic-based vocabulary for advertising

Unit 6 – Leisure Time

Reading practice: Why is everyone so busy? (from The Economist)

Download here

Sports Star Salaries – Argument led essay

Unit 7 – Fame and the Media

Celebrities: 2-part question

Unit 8 – Natural World

Topic-based vocabulary – the environment

Ideas and opinions – the environment

Topic-based vocabulary – the weather

Part 2 speaking: Describe a wild animal (3 examples)