Speaking Vocabulary

Speaking Practice – Sport

Below are some definitions on the common topic of sport, followed by a full speaking test:


  • an athletics meeting: an event where various athletics sports are held
  • an athletics track: a running track
  • an away game: a football match played in the opposing teams stadium
  • a brisk walk: a fast walk
  • to do judo: (not go or play)
  • a football fan: someone who likes football
  • a fitness programme: a schedule of activities to keep fit
  • a football match: a game of football
  • a football pitch: the surface on which you play football (as opposed to a stadium, which is the building)
  • a football season: a period in the year when football is played
  • to get into shape: to become fit
  • to go jogging: to run around the streets
  • a home game:  a football match played in the teams own stadium
  • to keep fit: to stay in good physically condition
  • to be out of condition: to not be physically fit
  • a personal best: to achieve the best personal result so far in a sport
  • a personal trainer: a sports coach that helps you on a one-to-one basis
  • to play tennis/football: (not do or go)
  • to run the marathon: to run a distance of 42.195 Kilometres
  • a season ticket: a ticket that gives you entry to most of a team’s home games during the sporting year.
  • to set a record: to achieve the best result in a sport
  • a sports centre: a public building where people can do various sports
  • sports facilities: the equipment and services needed to do a sport
  • a squash/tennis/badminton court: the surface where you play these sports
  • strenuous exercise: exercise that needs a lot of physical effort
  • a strong swimmer: a good swimmer
  • a swimming pool: the place where you swim
  • to take up exercise: to start doing exercise
  • to train hard: to train with a lot of effort

Part 1 questions

  1. Do you do any kind of exercise?
  2. How often do you exercise or play sports?
  3. What kinds of sports did you participate in when you were a child?
  4. Do you prefer to watch or play sports?
  5. What are the most popular sports among people in your country?
  6. What kind of sport would you like to try in the future?
  7. Do people in your country exercise more nowadays than they did in the past?
  8. Do you prefer team sports (for example volleyball) or individual sports (for example jogging)?
  9. Are there many places to exercise in your hometown?
  10. Is swimming popular in your country?

Part 2

Describe a sport or physical activity you did as a child. You should say:

  • Where you usually did the sport or activity
  • How often you participated in it
  • What it involved

And also say if you liked this sport or physical activity or not.

Talk about a sports event that you would like to attend. You should say:

  • Where the event usually takes place
  • How often it occurs
  • 􏰁Who you would like to attend the event with

And also explain why you would like to attend this sports event.

Part 3

  1. Do you think people in your country do enough exercise?
  2. How can we encourage young people to do exercise more and play sports?
  3. Do you think physical education and sports should play a part in school?
  4. Do you think it’s better for boys and girls to play sports together or separately?
  5. How important is it for government to invest money in training athletes?
  6. Do you think sports stars are paid more money than they deserve?
  7. Why do some people enjoy participating in sports more than others do?
  8. Is it important that athletes try to be good role models for young people?

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