About Our Courses

Course Structure

Our courses are designed so that trainers can focus on both the topics and skills that their students need the most help with.

Learning Strategies

Classroom training will follow units based on common IELTS topics and each unit contains practice in all four skills. Each class starts with a clear objective so students know what they need to achieve.

Exam Practice

Continuous assessment using real practice tests helps the student to measure their progress and focus on improving their weaknesses. It is now widely agreed that continuous assessment is preferable to a final exam in a classroom environment because it is a fairer measure of student progress and offers more support, guidance, and opportunities to improve during the course.

Skills Practice

8 hours of online practice per skill, including Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking and Grammar and Vocabulary. The receptive skills of reading and listening follow different topics than those in our course book (to give students additional vocabulary), while the productive skills of speaking and writing follow the same topics as those in the course book (to provide more practice).

Academic Study Skills (optional)

A further 6 hours of online study is available for students getting ready for a university course taught in English.