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Business Skills – How to Build the Perfect CV

Here is a handout for students preparing job applications and attending interviews. It features valuable tips and advice (and what to avoid!) to build the perfect resume.

It is very important to learn something about the company and position you are applying for and ensure this is reflected in your resume and cover letter. Candidates who send a standard cv and cover letter without bothering to learn the name of the recipient or how their skills and experience match the … Read more

Foundation - Unit 7 Human Resources Jobs Level 1 - Unit 3 Level 2 - Unit 5 Recruitment Work

Job Applications #2 Resume Design

There is only one purpose of a Resume: to get you an interview with a prospective employer. You need to present your skills and experience in the best possible way and stress why you are suitable for the job. You need to impress the reader, whether the HR department or a recruitment agency, so it is worthwhile spending some time on preparing an effective and error-free document that will immediately impress an employer.

1. Personal Details

  • Your name should always
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Business English Human Resources Jobs Social Networks

Job Applications #1 Social Media and Pre-Employment Screening

Most companies use recruitment agencies to search for and select suitable staff. This process normally involves the following steps:

  • Executive search – identify a target list of companies and individuals
  • Networking
  • Candidate Tracking – contact those candidates who are seeking a new appointment and meet the criteria set
  • Assessment – meetings with candidates for a  face-to-face interview. This may include the use of psychometric assessments like Work Behavior Inventory and the general intelligence tool Applied Reasoning Test

Both agencies and … Read more