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5 Questions you should ask before starting a new IELTS course

Do you need to prepare for the IELTS exam but are unsure about which course to choose? Or, perhaps you have finished a course but have been disappointed with your progress? 

In 2019, more than 3.7 million candidates took the IELTS exam worldwide (a 5% increase on 2018), marking its increased acceptance at universities and colleges across the English-speaking world. In the same year, there were 911 registered IELTS providers here in Vietnam, up from just 92 in 2014.

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How to Choose the Best IELTS Course

There is a lot of mis-information online about how to study IELTS, some of which comes from actual IELTS teachers who don’t know what they are talking about, and even language schools who give students false information about the exam itself. Students need to ask a number of important questions before paying for and enrolling on an IELTS course. These questions are relevant whether it is an online course or a classroom-based course. Here they are:

  • Will I receive feedback?
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Advanced IELTS courses coming to Saigon

We will soon be introducing new IELTS training courses to Vietnam. Our courses are designed so that trainers can focus on both the topics and skills that their students need the most help with, and benefit from the latest technology and materials to help students progress quickly.

Classroom training will follow units based on common IELTS topics and each unit contains practice in all four skills. Each class starts with a clear objective so students are clear as to what … Read more