Information for Training Managers

Globalization has introduced tremendous opportunities as well as challenges for organizations around the world. To facilitate the flow of communications across geographies, divisions, suppliers, partners and customers, the global economy has adopted English as the language of business. 92% of global employees report that English is important for their current job as well as for their career advancement.1

1. Emerging Global Labor Market Report, McKinsey and Company, 2017.

Despite this need, companies around the World, in particular SE Asian ASEAN members, are poorly prepared. Only 7% of global workers feel their English is good enough to do their jobs, and only 13% of university graduates in emerging countries are hireable in multinational companies due to their poor English skills – hence the status of IELTS as the #1 international standard test for English proficiency.

The 70:20:10 Corporate Learning Model

Most training providers in Vietnam offer classroom instruction that is not cost-effective and does not provide the immediate, practical application of new learning in the workplace, where it matters. Saigon English offers Business Solutions based on the 70:20:10 framework – that 70% of learning comes through on-the-job experience, 20% through social connections such as working with colleagues, and 10% through structured courses and programs.

Blended learning – the future of Business English learning

Today, the best corporate learning solutions are delivered in the context of work and are on demand. They should be focused on the attainment of both linguistic skills and business competencies. Our blended learning program combines the following:

  • Face-to-face, business-focussed classroom learning
  • Online (on demand) learning – access to the online digital version of our course, with interactive activities, audio and video.
  • Tutoring – helping employees with questions and to stay on track with their training plan

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