Corporate Training

Our corporate training programs are designed to help employees develop their business communication and soft skills in a range of practical situations. Materials are graded according to staff proficiency level, and line managers need to provide, review and agree job requirements (target skills) for each position.

A training needs analysis should be completed prior to any course. It can normally be completed in one day for up to 20 candidates. This allows us to:

  • Understand how English is used in your company/industry sector
  • Identify weaknesses and main areas for improvement
  • Assess staff competencies and proficiency level
  • Design a training program

We recommend in-house training twice a week for two hours per class. A typical training course would last between two to four months, depending on your requirements and staff levels of competency. It is normal that employees will be at different levels of English proficiency according to their experience and job role, so classes should be organised into groups as shown above.  Staff are also encouraged to study in their own time and the classroom exercises are reinforced via on-the-job learning and follow-up.

In 32-64 contact hours, staff can make significant improvements. High quality course materials are used and supplemented by exercises which are specific to your business and the difficulties they face each day. Examples include the following:

  • Work skills: Emails, meetings, presentations, telephoning, report writing
  • Professions: Marketing & Advertising, Customer Care, Human Resources, Accounting, Law, Sales & Purchasing
  • Industries: Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Energy, Logistics, Engineering, Telecoms

To get started, please email mark[@] or call Linh on 0777-167-755 (English & Vietnamese)