Business Skills

Business English

We provide business training solutions for university students, graduates and employees looking to improve their business english skills. Our Business English courses are designed for A1 to B1 levels (Elementary to Intermediate). Each level has 10 units, which are designed to be enjoyable and rewarding for students, and each unit features integrated skills and language practice. Units also include cultural awareness sections that connect learners to their region and beyond. In addition, TOEIC-style practice sections allow students’ progress to be measured.

Soft Skills

Our soft skills courses are aimed at undergraduates, graduates and company staff who need to develop specific skills in order to be more effective in the workplace. These are suitable for B1-C1 candidates (Intermediate to Advanced).

Corporate Training

Our in-house corporate training programs are designed to address the day-to day problems which managers and their staff have in dealing with others in an English-speaking environment.

A training needs analysis should be completed prior to any course. It can normally be completed in one day for up to 20 candidates. This allows us to:

  • Understand how English is used in your company/industry sector
  • Identify weaknesses and main areas for improvement
  • Assess staff competencies and proficiency level
  • Design a training program

Staff progress is assessed according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) Can-Do statements, agreed with the respective line manager.