The 10 Most Common IELTS Writing Topics

There are many topics in IELTS writing, and this can be confusing for some students who feel they may not have enough knowledge to write a good answer in task 2. However, if we look at the questions which were given over a longer period of time, we can see that some topics are more common than others – the actual questions are different, but the subject remains the same. This is useful for students because it will save time. … Read more

5 Questions you should ask before starting a new IELTS course

Do you need to prepare for the IELTS exam but are unsure about which course to choose? Or, perhaps you have finished a course but have been disappointed with your progress? 

In 2018, 3.5 million candidates took the IELTS exam worldwide, marking its increased acceptance at universities and colleges across the English-speaking world. In the same year, there were 911 registered IELTS providers here in Vietnam, up from just 92 in 2014. This makes choosing a course very difficult, so

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IELTS Essay Questions April-June

Below are 44 essay questions that recently appeared in IELTS writing task 2. Its is a very good idea to become familiar with recent exam questions and spend time learning more about the topic in order to improve your vocabulary, and develop your ideas and opinions.

The topics in Task 2 essay questions appear repeatedly, although the questions wording itself may change.

  1. Both the poor and the rich find accessibility into university difficult. Do you agree or disagree?
  2. Some young
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Speaking Practice – Sport

Below are some definitions on the common topic of sport, followed by a full speaking test:


  • an athletics meeting: an event where various athletics sports are held
  • an athletics track: a running track
  • an away game: a football match played in the opposing teams stadium
  • a brisk walk: a fast walk
  • to do judo: (not go or play)
  • a football fan: someone who likes football
  • a fitness programme: a schedule of activities
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Culture – Speaking Practice

The definition of culture is “a set of ideas, beliefs, and ways of behaving“. It is a fairly common topic in the exam, especially in the speaking test and task 2 essays. Questions are often based on the impact of globalisation and technology on local traditions and cultures – so this is definitely an area worth studying.


Describe a foreign culture that you like.

You should say:

  • what culture it is and why you know about it
  • what
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The four reasons candidates fail the IELTS exam – and what YOU can do about it

The average band scores for Vietnamese test takers in 2017 were 5.59 for writing and 5.71 for speaking. Here is a line graph with data from the site which shows the overall results for academic test takers in Vietnam in 2017 (the latest available). Most of my students tell me their target score is 6.5-7.0 – so only 37% achieved 6.5 or more. Therefore, the figures show that the majority of candidates (63%) failed to achieve their target band

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How to improve your confidence in speaking English

Around the world, non-native speakers now outnumber native speakers by three to one. In Asia, an estimated 350 million people speak English. English has become the language of globalization and of international business, so why is it so many students are reluctant to speak English in class? There could be many reasons, but frequently they lack confidence, do not want to make mistakes and sometimes cannot find the words to express the ideas the teacher wants them to. Here is Read more

The Environment – Part 3 speaking practice

The environment is a very common topic in the IELTS exam and often features  in the speaking test, in reading passages, and essay questions. Here are some part 3 speaking questions, together with band score 9 model answers.

  1. Tell me about some of the environmental problems that are affecting countries these days?
  2. Do you think that governments around the world are doing enough to tackle the problems?
  3. Why do some people not consider environmental problems to be serious?
  4. What do
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How to Avoid an IELTS Scam

Last month, IELTS Advantage published an excellent blog post titled “How to Spot an IELTS Scam”. It was important for a number of reasons, not least because many students are unaware that with the increasing popularity of (and demand for) IELTS certification, there has been a massive increase in IELTS scams circulating the internet and social media platforms in the past few years.

In the post, students were given a number of questions which they should ask before paying … Read more

Practice for IELTS reading, and tips to achieve band score 7 and above

The only way to make real progress for students who are stuck at band score 6-6.5 is deliberate practice. This means planned or purposeful study by identifying your weak areas and focusing on them in a structured way. In the IELTS world, the best way to do this is to break down a large task into smaller, more achievable targets or goals. This is actually quite easy to do in the reading test because we know the individual skills needed … Read more