IELTS and Business English 1 to 1

This is a new service for students who prefer to study one-on-one with a teacher online. Students benefit from personal and guided study from a highly experienced teacher, and can choose which skills they want to focus on. This will benefit students who want intensive study in a short period of time or perhaps want to improve their band score or CEF level in specific areas.

Below is a table with a comparison of the cost with the British Council “MyTutor” program. We recommend 60-minute classes, 3 times a week. Courses are available from IELTS Foundation to Level 3, or from from Pre-Intermediate to Advanced for Business English, and last for 20 hours in total. All materials are included.

Saigon EnglishBritish Council
20 classes (hours)9,750,00016,246,000
Cost/Hour (VND)462,500812,000
Cost/Hour (USD)2035
course book
+ handbook
Online modules40 Hours FreeNone

You will need to attend a free, video 1-1 chat to learn more about our courses, materials and to establish your current level. After that, if you decide to study, you can choose which package is best for you.